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Taken from :icontempswolfi:

Pick 5 characters:
I'm gonna pick characters from FNAF of course Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 

1. Foxy
2. Security Guard
3. Chica
4. Freddy Fazbear
5. Bonnie

Alright, let's do it!

1.) 1 becomes your homeroom teacher
Foxy's fangirls will be so jealous, ha-ha! I hope he isn't going to stuff students who don't do their homework in the suits though.
Foxy: Who knows? :devilish:
Me: Uh-oh!

2.) You caught 2 reading a naughty magazine
Mike, you really should be watching the cameras, not this porn! Do you want to get killed? I think I hear the evil laughter. You know what that means, right? Freddy is out tonight!
Mike: *Puts the magazine away and quickly grabs his tablet.*

3.) 3 got drunk & kisses you
No, no, no, NO!!! She is the only girl from all the characters in this tag! Why does it have to be her who kisses me? Eww! Is she a homosexual or something?
Chica: You're so cute I wanna eat you! :heart:

4.) 4 is blackmailing you to go on date with him / her
Thank goodness this isn't Chica again! Oh, Freddy, I would love to go on a date with you, but Chica's gonna kill you when she finds out!
Freddy: I'm willing to take that risk! :devilish:

5.) 5 shows up at your door starving
Thank goodness THIS isn't Chica! I've heard she eats human flesh! But Bonnie is nice and eats only vegetarian food! ^_^ *Hands Bonnie some carrots, greens and cookies, and pats him on the head.*

6.) 3 & 4 are being casted as Romeo & Juliet in a play
*Laughs and records the play on camera.* You are such a lovely couple! XD

7.) 2 is magically reverted as a baby & thinks that you & 1 are his / her parents
Me: Isn't it ironic, Foxy? The security guard's job is to look after this place, you were trying to kill him all this time, and now you have to look after him!
Foxy: … O_o *Shocked*

8.) You overheard 5 mumbling about 3 in his / her sleep
Chica is so lucky! Bonnie secretly loves her and Freddy gets to be her Romeo in that play. Both of them are so handsome… But for some reason the only one she wanted to kiss was me, eww! >_<

9.) You run into 4, who is searching for his / her lost pet
Me: I didn't know you had a pet, Freddy. Is it a dog?
Freddy: No, it's a human. But I make it wear a dog's collar.
Me: You're evil, you know that?
Freddy: Yes, and I'm proud of it! ^_^

10.) You & 3 came across 1, who is being chased by an escaped zoo tiger
Me: Oh, no! Foxy is attacked by a tiger! We've gotta help!
Chica: Why? It's the tiger's fault it attacked Foxy, I'm not going to risk my life to save it!
Me: Hm, I think I see your point. May I have the tiger's skin, if Foxy won't rip it apart too much?

11.) 4 & 5 are fighting over a sale item, you try to stop them
Me: I didn't know you guys were into shopping and fashion. Wait, do you think you can impress Chica with that cool new clothing item? Uh… I hate to spoil your fun, but I think Chica is homosexual.
Freddy & Bonnie: WHAT?!
Me: She tried to kiss me once. Gross!

12.) You, 2 & 3 are planning to go travelling together. But, ended up missed the flight, due 3's error.
Chica: Not a word, or I'll stuff you both in the suits! >:C
Me & Mike: …

13.) You along with 1,2,4,5 are having party at 3's house, when suddenly there is blackout
Me: Uh-oh, there goes the power! Mike, you know what that means, right? It's Freddy's turn to stuff the pesky humans into the suit.
Mike: The pesky humans? But that would be us!
Freddy: *Starts playing Toreador tune.*
Me: RUN!!!
Mike: I knew it was a bad idea to come to the creepy animatronics' party! I knew it!

14.) 1 and 5 are locked in a closet together.
Me: *Runs into the office* Mike, quickly, do you have an access to the closet camera?
Mike: Of course I have an access to all the cameras in the building. *Turns the tablet on.* OMG, what it THIS?!
Me: Oh, no, I can't watch! … On the other hand it's very interesting. Hand me the popcorn, please!
*Meanwhile Foxy and Bonnie are trying to kill each other in the closet.*
15.) 3 and 4 pranked 2!
It's bad enough they try to kill the security guard and scare him half to death, now they prank him too. These animatronics are evil, I tell you!

16.) What if 2 and 5 fell in love? How does 1 react?
Foxy: Um, security guy, I hate to tell you this, but despite his looks Bonnie is a boy, not a girl.
Mike: WHAT?! Why didn't you tell me this before?!
Bonnie: I thought it didn't matter! D:

17.) GASP! 4 killed 3! What does 5 do?!
Me: See, Freddy, I've told you when Chica finds out we were dating each other she's gonna try and kill you. Now look what happened!
Freddy: I don't care about that lesbian chicken! She didn't love me anyway! She was only interested in girls!
Bonnie: I don't care about her either! Mike is my new love interest!

18.) 2 wakes up to see 3 in the corner.
Mike: AAAAAAHHH! Close the door, close the door, close the door! *He is too late and gets stuffed in a suit.*

19.) 5 challenges 3 into a dance battle! You choose the music, which one is it?
I'm gonna choose something romantic. Maybe they'll fall in love together, decide to become straight and leave me and Mike alone!

20.) 2 wants to marry you
Oh, Mike, I thought you'll never ask! :heart:
*Meanwhile Bonnie and Chica are crying in a corner.*

21.) 1 beats 3 and 4 up!
Wow, Foxy, you must be incredibly strong to beat Freddy! But I feel sorry for Chica! First Freddy kills her, then you beat her up. Don't you guys know it's rude to fight a girl?

22.) 5 challenges you to an Aliens vs Predator match! You are...
Me: Oh, Bonnie, you know how to please a girl! We're gonna lock ourselves up in the security guard's office, eat pizza and play Aliens vs Predator on the guard's PC all night! ^_^
Bonnie: Actually I meant live action role play.
Me: Sounds good to me!
*Both of us dress up like Alien and Predator and run around the pizzeria trying to catch each other while the rest of the Fazbear's crew thinks we're total idiots.*

23.) 2 wants to show you a whole new world on his / her magic carpet. You...
Me: Oh, so you want to role play Aladdin? I'll get Bonnie since he loves role playing too. He can be the Genie, and Freddy can be Jafar.
Freddy: I'm not playing this stupid game!
Me: But Freddy, you were born to be a villain! Jafar is clever, fearsome and powerful just like you!
Freddy: Alright, I'll play, but just this once.
Foxy: Can I be the Sultan of Agrabah and rule all of you with my iron fist? ^_^
Me: No, you're the magic carpet and gonna carry us on your back!
Foxy: Not fair! T.T

AHAHAHA! This IS the funniest tag! XD


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