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What it takes to be finite - Part 3
"So, if anyone asks, you're my long, lost uncle from Downbrush." Miles hobbled along the broken path with his crutches, trying to choose the least troublesome route through the rubble. The further they moved towards the center, the more visible the destruction became. The bigger the building, the more seemed to be missing, with holes and indents strewn over them.
Infinite followed him, head full of all sorts of thoughts and this odd, uncomfortable feeling that made him uneasy. He had lost track as to why he was even following Miles and not just doing whatever he wanted to. Sure, he had given his word that he would stay and let Miles try whatever it was he was wanting to try, but nothing was truely stopping him from just cracking the wolfs skull and being on his merry way.
But he also realised, he had nowhere he could go to. There was nothing left of his past life, no one to care if he'd return.
"But you are a white wolf and I am a black Jackal." he plainly stated in an attempt to get h
:iconthemiles:TheMiles 6 1
What it takes to be finite - Part 2
The outskirts of the city bordered directly with Green Hill, the usuallly lush green of the area still dabbled with sand that the Phantom Ruby had shifted there. People had already begun trying to move it  off to other places, but it was clear that the efforts would probably take months, if not years. After all, relocating a desert wasn't the easiest of tasks for simple people.
Infinite had little to be concerned with however, swiftly dashing from one shielded spot to another and effortlessly jumping over the more torn up parts, despite the canine luggage on his shoulder, in order to avoid anyone seeing him. The rugged cliffsides and rocks gave them more than enough oppurtunities to take cover.
He skidded around a corner, around thick bushes that had survived the desert sand invasion, to find himself on a paved but torn up road where he came to an abrupt halt, immediately twitching his ears in alarm.
"Don't worry, nobody lives on this road anymore, but me." Miles tried to smile at
:iconthemiles:TheMiles 9 3
What it takes to be finite - Part 1
A week had passed since the world had scraped past certain doom and since the resistance had finally been able to rest after months of war. No one would have believed that Eggman actually attempted to destroy the world by searing it with the scalding face of the sun itself, hadn't they seen it with their own eyes.
Luckily, the vile person hadn't shown his face since his defeat, the cities were finally starting to rebuild what had fallen and those who had survived were starting  to return to their normal lives, before the battles.
Sonic had departed from the city himself, probably to feel the wind rush through his quills , finally free from torture and near death looming over them.
A young, white wolf with squinty eyes however, was traversing the lands with his own intentions. His pink nose twitched at the smell of nature mixed with that of burnt robots as he rushed through the wilderness.
"Rookie", they had called him most of the time, now they probably called him "hero", but he a
:iconthemiles:TheMiles 13 6
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